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Humphreys County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Sarah  1845Humphreys County, Tennessee I2613
2 Arnold, Uriah  1850Humphreys County, Tennessee I2614
3 Bell, Sarah M.  28 Mar 1855Humphreys County, Tennessee I2649
4 Carter, Abel  1851Humphreys County, Tennessee I2612
5 Carter, Clara  1838Humphreys County, Tennessee I2609
6 Carter, Elizabeth  1830Humphreys County, Tennessee I2605
7 Carter, Green  1836Humphreys County, Tennessee I2607
8 Carter, John  1828Humphreys County, Tennessee I2604
9 Carter, Lorenzo  1833Humphreys County, Tennessee I2606
10 Carter, Mary  1843Humphreys County, Tennessee I2610
11 Carter, Nancy  1838Humphreys County, Tennessee I2608
12 Carter, Robert  1847Humphreys County, Tennessee I2611
13 Folks, Anderson  1877Humphreys County, Tennessee I2650
14 Folks, John Randolph  5 Jul 1840Humphreys County, Tennessee I2349
15 Folks, Louella  2 Nov 1881Humphreys County, Tennessee I2651
16 Folks, Mary  1833Humphreys County, Tennessee I2629
17 Folks, William  1842Humphreys County, Tennessee I2350
18 Folks, William Kay  14 Sep 1882Humphreys County, Tennessee I2654
19 Goodwin, Laura  29 Apr 1881Humphreys County, Tennessee I2760
20 Jackson, Abel Richmond  1833Humphreys County, Tennessee I2632
21 Jackson, Abraham  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2660
22 Jackson, Alfred M.  Apr 1884Humphreys County, Tennessee I2681
23 Jackson, Amanda  1846Humphreys County, Tennessee I2638
24 Jackson, Aucilla  1857Humphreys County, Tennessee I2665
25 Jackson, Calvin  1855Humphreys County, Tennessee I2663
26 Jackson, Cassander  1832Humphreys County, Tennessee I2631
27 Jackson, Cave J.  1840Humphreys County, Tennessee I2621
28 Jackson, Clara A.  1852Humphreys County, Tennessee I2662
29 Jackson, Elvira  1832Humphreys County, Tennessee I2618
30 Jackson, Emily  1840Humphreys County, Tennessee I2622
31 Jackson, Emmerson  1842Humphreys County, Tennessee I2623
32 Jackson, Eugenia Elizabeth  29 Dec 1875Humphreys County, Tennessee I2330
33 Jackson, Florence  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2661
34 Jackson, Henry  1844Humphreys County, Tennessee I2635
35 Jackson, Henry Thomas  1825Humphreys County, Tennessee I0916
36 Jackson, Horace Leonidas  16 May 1878Humphreys County, Tennessee I2331
37 Jackson, Ida M.  1860Humphreys County, Tennessee I2666
38 Jackson, James  1844Humphreys County, Tennessee I2627
39 Jackson, Jasper D.  1848Humphreys County, Tennessee I2639
40 Jackson, Jetta  1868Humphreys County, Tennessee I2668
41 Jackson, John Harrison  1837Humphreys County, Tennessee I2620
42 Jackson, John W.  1842Humphreys County, Tennessee I2634
43 Jackson, John Williamson Kay  1834Humphreys County, Tennessee I2619
44 Jackson, Julia  1858Humphreys County, Tennessee I2664
45 Jackson, Leona Ann  26 Jul 1871Humphreys County, Tennessee I2329
46 Jackson, Louisa  1844Humphreys County, Tennessee I2624
47 Jackson, Maggie  Jan 1880Humphreys County, Tennessee I2677
48 Jackson, Margaret  1857Humphreys County, Tennessee I2670
49 Jackson, Mary E.  May 1896Humphreys County, Tennessee I2680
50 Jackson, Mary F.  1847Humphreys County, Tennessee I2625

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Box, Allen  28 Mar 1876Humphreys County, Tennessee I2524
2 Brown, Parthean  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2341
3 Bumpus, Emily  30 Dec 1889Humphreys County, Tennessee I0530
4 Bumpus, Henry O.  Humphreys County, Tennessee I0084
5 Bumpus, Unknown  Humphreys County, Tennessee I1179
6 Cook, Nancy  9 May 1843Humphreys County, Tennessee I0715
7 Folks, Mary  Aft 1850Humphreys County, Tennessee I2629
8 Goodwin, Laura  21 Jun 1950Humphreys County, Tennessee I2760
9 Jackson, Abel  13 Apr 1857Humphreys County, Tennessee I0917
10 Jackson, Daniel  1856Humphreys County, Tennessee I2340
11 Jackson, Horace Leonidas  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2331
12 Jackson, John  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2336
13 Jackson, John Harrison  1921Humphreys County, Tennessee I2620
14 Jackson, Mary Jane  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2345
15 Jackson, Rebecca  1860Humphreys County, Tennessee I2334
16 Jackson, Sally  Aft 1885Humphreys County, Tennessee I2339
17 Jackson, W. T.  Bef 1880Humphreys County, Tennessee I2323
18 Jackson, William Browder  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2351
19 Langley, Faucressa Lucretia  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2352
20 Lewis, Martha Caroline  3 Jan 1877Humphreys County, Tennessee I2616
21 Mac Neblett, Sterling  15 Dec 1859Humphreys County, Tennessee I2707
22 McCauley, John C.  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2326
23 Neblett, George P.  6 Apr 1871Humphreys County, Tennessee I2706
24 Nichols, Martha  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2425
25 Plant, John Harrison  30 Sep 1865Humphreys County, Tennessee I2733
26 Plant, Mary Hodges  1853Humphreys County, Tennessee I2333
27 Tomlinson, Clarissa  Mar 1853Humphreys County, Tennessee I0920
28 Tomlinson, Sara Milam  Aft 1870Humphreys County, Tennessee I2583
29 Tomlinson, William Rosser  7 Jan 1877Humphreys County, Tennessee I2586
30 Trotter, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1859Humphreys County, Tennessee I2258
31 Yarbrough, Henry  24 Dec 1862Humphreys County, Tennessee I0531
32 Yarbrough, Lenorah Albertine  Aft 1880Humphreys County, Tennessee I2324
33 Yarbrough, Mary Jane  Humphreys County, Tennessee I2252


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Jackson  1828Humphreys County, Tennessee F825
2 Folks / Bell  16 Sep 1876Humphreys County, Tennessee F924
3 Folks / Jackson  Abt 1840Humphreys County, Tennessee F831
4 Jackson / Brown  1853Humphreys County, Tennessee F827
5 Jackson / Clark  1848Humphreys County, Tennessee F896
6 Jackson / Langley  Humphreys County, Tennessee F832
7 Jackson / McElyea  Bef 1832Humphreys County, Tennessee F920
8 Jackson / Tomlinson  1806Humphreys County, Tennessee F624
9 Stribling / Jackson  26 Sep 1882Humphreys County, Tennessee F929
10 Warren / Jackson  Bef 1856Humphreys County, Tennessee F829