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51 Buried in the original Houston Texas cemetary in Harris Co., TX. Died around 1841. Possibly involved with the Battle of San Jacinto - not confirmed) Crockett, Ewing (I1349)
52 Buried in the Outlaw Cemetery off of Dog Hollow Road. Olive (She was called "Ollie" by hte family). She never married. She was born 1832, Shiloh, Montgomery County, TN. and died after the 1870 Census of Montgomery Co., TN., at Shiloh. Sugg, Olive (I1851)
53 Buried in Wickham Cementary on Wickham Road


Annie L. Wickham 1884 - 1968

Handmade by Husband - Enoch Tanner Wickham 
Yarbrough, Lena Annie (I0278)
54 Carver VS Breeden file in Montgomery County Archives
In Chancelory Court Noah Clark et al vs Elias Clark et al - amended complaint - filed Sept 19, 1865
"That said Noah Clark and John Oldham are now dead; that said Martha Bird complainant and late wife of said John Oldham is one of the children of said Wm. Clark deceased, and that said complainant Wm. G. Bird is now the lawful husband of said Martha and as such asks to be made a party planitiff herein-" 
Clark, Elias (I1539)
55 Carver VS Breeden loose papers in the Montgomery County Archive
document listed as William Carver VS C.B. McCauley etal filed Sept. 13, 1858
This information found within.

Four orator would show in addition to the 100 acres granted by the state the said William Clark bought two other small tracts of five acres each. One from Micajah Bagget and the other from one Matthews to four orator unknown.

William Clark (household number 1215) Listed in the 1850 Census in Montgomery County, Tennessee as a farmer, age 80, owning 200 acres of land and was born in North Carolina. 
Clark, William (I1536)
56 Cause of Death - Cancer of Uterus as identified on the death certificate. Identfied as a Housewife Lyddy, Mary Florence (I0227)
57 Certificate of Death of State of Tennessee
June 6,, 1939
Stewart County Tennessee
Nancy Tennessee Lyle Satterfield
listed as widow of John Satterfield
Birth date is October 16, 1848
Age at death 90 years 7 mos 16 days
The informant is Mrs., H.H. Pulley (Ella Satterfield Pulley the daughter of Nancy
Buried in the Trinkle Cemetery in Cumberland City, Stewart County, Tennessee

Father's name Jas. L. Lyle
Mother's name Martha Moore
Lyle, Nancy Tennessee (I1175)
58 Clarksville Leaf Chronicle - No date


Beach Grove Community Farmer Will Be Buried on Friday Morning

An illness of complications covering a number of weeks duration proved fatal at 3:30 a.m., today for Luther Hunt, 25 - year-old farmer living near the Beach Grove community.
Services in memory of Mr. Hunt will be conducted at the grave in Jackson cemetery at 11 a.m., Friday by Elder H. E. Allen, Pallbearers will be members of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics concil at Lone Oak with which Mr. Hunt had been affliated for a number of years.
Mr. Hunt was a native and lifelong resident of the county and was born near Palmyra. He was a son of the late Stephen Hunt, and Mrs. Sara Lyle Hunt, who survives. He also leaves a brother, Lee Hunt of Palmyra, and two sisters, Mrs. Morris Jackson and Mrs. Ethel Jackson of Palmyra. 
Hunt, Luther (I0104)
59 Death certificate - cause of death dropsy - occupation farmer - 50 years old Jackson, Hillman (I0368)
60 Death Certificate - died of old age - 79 years old - Farmer

1860 Montgomery County Census

44311JesseJACKSON31 m w farmer600/792Tn
Susan 26 f w Tn
Wm 7 f w Tn
John 5 m w Tn
45311Ann 6/12 f Tn 
Jackson, Jesse (I0067)
61 Death Certificate for Lucy Rose States

Widow of William Rose
died in Davidson County, Nashville, Tennessee
At the age of 74 yr. 6 months, 5 days
on November 8, 1868
The informant is Mrs. Rushie Underwood
Undertaker is Dickson Fun. E.T. Breeden received the body
Buried in Jackson Cemetery, Palmyra, Tennessee

Father and Mother listed as
Thomas Kelly of Ireland
Polly Martin of Ireland 
Kelly, Lucy Anne (I1579)
62 Death Certificate for Winton Sugg - Montgomery County - 1912 -
Tennessee Death Index 1908 - 1912 #64857 
Sugg, Winton Carmac (I2384)
63 Death certificate identified as child of Ranza Underwood and Minnie Crockett

Acute indigestion

buried in Davis Cemetary 
Underwood, Nolen (I1460)
64 Delayed Birth Certificate of Grace Hughes states her parents are Joe Jefferson Hughes and Sarah Elizabeth Jackson, dated 11/9/1942, and signed by County Judge Cunningham. Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth (I1650)
65 Dewitt never married and lived at the home place off of Corbandale Road with three other unmarried siblings. Wickham, DeWitt Talmadge (I0224)
66 Dickson County Handbook, by Jill Knight Garrett - page 289 - In 1910 when Mrs. Billy White was teaching at Glenwylde High School a list of her pupils were in this book and Judge Crockett is one of those pupils. The school was two miles north of Cumberland Furnace. Crockett, Judge Willard (I0772)
67 Did not have any children but raised a Lee Hardin Jackson when Lee's mother Viola Hunt Jackson died. After he became a teenager he went back to live with his father Mack Nelson Jackson. I am not forsure what relationship Lee Hardin would have been to Lenord and Polly Ann Jackson.

Death Certificate identifies the father of Polly Ann Jackson as Tommie Kelly. The undertaker was Wiseman Funeral Home in Erin, Tennessee. She was a Housekeeper and her husband was listed as Lynn Jackson. The informat was Nelson Jackson. She was 81 years old at her death. 10/17/1865 - 10/20/1946. 
Kelly, Polly Ann (I1425)
68 Died as an infant. Wickham, James Nathaniel (I0164)
69 Died at an early age of flux (gastrointestinal). Wickham, Maud (I0315)
70 Died in Childbirth, baby dies a month later. Both buried in the Doris Cemetary Crockett, Minnie Geanette (I0308)
71 Died in infancy. She was the twin to Emma. Wickham, Imah (I0276)
72 Died of Tyhoid. Wickham, Fannie Pearl (I0223)
73 Dorene was unmarried. Wickham, Dorene (I0233)
74 Early 1800's in the Will of Rev. John Neblett he identifies a piece of land to be left to his slaves as being the land which "William Jackson" resides on. Mr. Rodney Lyles homeplace. Just before you get to Mr. Henry Lyle's homeplace which is between the split of Hackberry Road and Palmyra Road. This land is believed to be the property just before the Hackberry/Palmyra split on the old Palmyra Road. The house is torn down now, but the property was originally owned by Rev. Neblett. (Per a conversation with Ronnie Jackson on 1/31/2008 jjs)

I went by the old homeplace to see if I could see the old house. It has burned and only the chimneys and the out buildings remain. The coordinates for the site are as follows:

N 36 degrees 26.638 W 087 degrees 25.768. William Jackson lived here.

Montgomery County, Tennessee - South of the River
William Jackson owned 152 acres of land on Budds Creek from November 2, 1806 to July 13, 1807. Deeded from William Dickson to William Jackson.

Montgomery County, Tennessee - South of the River
William Jackson owned 152 acres of land on Budds Creek and sells on July 13, 1807 to Edmond Suiter. Why would he only own the property for such a short time? Did he come before the Suiter's to purchase the property for them? Is it possible that William Jackson may have been the son in law of Edmond Suiter and he was purchasing land for him? Was William Jackson's wife a Suiter?

1830 Census of Montgomery County Tennessee

William Jackson is listed as having in his household
1 male between 20-30 years of age
1 male between 50-60 years of age - William Jackson

1 female between 10-15 years of age
1 female between 40-50 years of age - William's wife

William Jackson does not show up on the 1840 & 1850 Census for Montgomery County Tennessee

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research Vol 12 page 63
Hartwell Weaver to William Blakeney

Anson County N.C. Abstracts of Early Records
Abstracts of County Court Minutes, 1771-1777
page 97
Tomorrow (15 October 1774)
Ord. that Mary and Eliz. Brown, orphans of Stephen Brown, decd., be bound to Morgan Brown till of age. Eliz. now 7 yrs and Mary 11 yrs. Ord. that John Brown, orphan of Stephen Brown, be bound to Stephen Jackson, to learn the trade of blacksmith, till of age, now 15 years.

We have a Morgan Brown who was one of the original settlers of Palmyra, Montgomery County, Tennessee. You can go to the website http://www.southerncampaign.org/pen/
and find his pension papers. He is born January 1753 and at the time of the pension papers he is located in Davidson County, Tennessee. He says he is in his 75 year and it is 1832. We believe the Morgan Brown above could be this same Morgan Brown and he takes a brother or cousin's orphan children in to raise. Eliz. would have been born 1767. Mary born 1763.

Is the John Brown born 1759 learning the trade of blacksmithing with Stephen Jackson (Killing Stephen?).

1790 South Carolina, Chesterfield County Census
William Blakeney 2 2 5 - - - 6
Guthridge Lyons 2 4 6 - - - 21
Morgan Brown 1 2 1 - - - 30

1800 South Carolina, Chesterfied County Census
William Jackson 3 - - 1 - 2 1 - 1 - - -
Benjamine Jackson - - - - 1 - - - - 1 - -

William Jackson 2 1 - 1 - 2 - - 1 - - -
John Brown 1 - - 1 -2 - - 1 - - -

William Blakeney 2 - 2 1 - 2 - - 1 - - 16

Hartwell Weaver is also from South Carolina - Although I do not have the census record for him.

Blakeneys are tied to the Jacksons through Abel's bunch Mary Rushing Jackson
Hartwell Weaver is tied to the Jacksons through William's daughter Mary Jackson
Morgan Brown is from the area that the Weavers, Blakeneys and Jacksons came from in South Carolina. And it appears that they may have ties to a Stephen Jackson through John Brown (nephew?cousin? of Morgan Brown)
The Blakeneys, Browns, Jacksons, Weavers come to Tennessee

In Jackson County Illinois Patsy Yarbrough Jackson (wife of the Stephen Jackson of Montgomery County Tennessee) close to them is a John Edgeworth Weaver married to a Harriet Baker. The Stephen Jackson is the son of our William Jackson. John Edgeworth Weaver I believe is the brother of Hartwell Weaver. Hartwell Weaver is married to Mary Jackson. Mary Jackson is the daughter of our William Jackson and the sister of the Stephen Jackson married to Patsy Yarbrough.  
Jackson, William (I0749)
75 Emma was born the twin of Imah, who died as an infant. Her first child was named in honor of her twin. Wickham, Emma (I0274)
76 Enumeration of the free white male persons in the county of Montgomery who were citizens of the same on the 1st day of January 1841 Each of which is as nearly as practicable attached to the civil district to which they belonged at that time as may be seen by examining the following pages.
Source (S28432)
77 Excellent Source (S76649)
78 Excellent Source (S77214)
79 Excellent Source (S77263)
80 Excellent Source (S75209)
81 Family Bible - Birth records for the family of Samuel Wickham - original not verified - Samuel and Bettie listed with children.

1860 Montgomery County Census

70485SamuelWICKHAM21 m w laborerTn
Eliza 18 f w Tn
William 16 m w Tn
Rebecca12 f w Tn
John 10 m w Tn
Susan 8 f w Tn
C.JARMON16 m w Tn
L. 14 f w Tn
R. 12 f w Tn
E. 10 f w Tn
J. 7 m w Tn
M. 4 m w Tn
T. 6 m w Tn
Wickham, Samuel (I1206)
82 From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly

September 21,1888--News was brought to the city yesterday that Andrew J. Lyle, who lived near Antioch Church on the south side, had died suddenly of heart disease. We understand that Mr. Lyle had gotten up at his usual hour and while dressing himself, the fatal stroke came. He fell to the floor and died before members of the family, who were present, could assist him to bed.

Mr. Lyle was about seventy years old and a good quiet citizen. He was born within two miles of the place of his death and throughout his entire life, lived in that neighborhood. He was the father of a large family, all of whom are grown. He had been successful as a businessman and left good property.

Lyle, Andrew Jordan (I1783)
83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2505)
84 Good Source (S63496)
85 good Source (S63565)
86 GPS Source (S44720)
87 GPS Source (S08990)
88 GPS Source (S44760)
89 Gravestone in Mt. Sharon Cumberland Church, Springfield, Tennessee, Robertson County which states:

In - Memory of - Mary Crockett - Departed this life - October 7th 1831 - Aged 24 years - and 11 months 
Crockett, Mary (I0938)
90 Gravestone in Wickham Cementary

Fannie E. Wickham
Born Nov. 11,1861
Died Mar. 20, 1936 
Wickham, Frances E. (Cunningham) (I0203)
91 Gravestone located at Mt. Sharon Cumberland Church, Springfield Tennessee, Robertson County which states:

Crockett, R. Bruce - Oct 31, 1837 - Jan 25, 1897 - son of M.D. & - M.M. Crockett - 1st Lt. A. Co. - 30th Inf. - Conf. Army 
Crockett, R. Bruce (I0944)
92 Gravestone reads
Emily C. SWIFT wife of T.J. Swift
born Oct 21, 1824
Died Oct. 6, 1893
Se was the sunshine of our home
A husband and seven children survive her 
Crockett, Emily Carrie (I1011)
93 Gravestone reads
Thomas J. SWIFT
born Dec. 1, 1821
died Mar. 2, 1899
(footstone T.J.S.) Gone but not forgotten 
Swift, Thomas Jefferson (I1766)
94 Haplogroug I2B Test results of 102501/102502/113146 triangulates a proven YDNA lineage connection to Col. John Jackson (b 1645/50) which is proven to YDNA connect to Robert Jackson (b 1620 d 1683/84) of Hempsted, New York, the immigrant who came from Nottinghamshire, England. Source (S76649)
95 Haplogroup I - The MtDNA for kit number 40266 Jack Wickham and Robert Ronald Jackson 102502 match which proves the maternal line for both. Documented genealogy collaborates the MtDNA connection. Source (S77214)
96 Harry B. Hunt, Company E, 49 Tennessee Inf. - Confederate, December 12,, 1861 to September 25, 1862.
Captured at Fort Donelson February 16, 1862. On the rolls of Prisoners of War at Camp Douglas, Ill., August 1, 1862. Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Douglas, Ill, sent o Vicksburg to be exchanged. Roll dated Headquarters Camp Douglas, Chicago, September 5, 1862.

Listed as private Port Hudson, Louisiana, July 10, 1863 Remarks on Muster Roll - Hosp.
Listed on Roll of Prisoners of War of Whiteside's Tennessee Battery paroled at Port Hudson, LA., July 12 and 13, 1863, states that he was captured on July 9th 1863.

1860 Montgomery County Tennessee Census

55391H.B.HUNT28 m w laborer243Tn
Nancy78 f w Nc

Harry Bailey Hunt with mother Nancy Sykes Hunt
Hunt, Harry Bailey (I0016)
97 He is buried Fletcher Cemetery, (Sugg Section) on the Sugg Homeplace at Palmyra.

Named for Judge Hugh Lawson White, prominent judge and pioneer in early Tennessee history. He was called "Hugh L." by the family. (Geneva Sugg Swain information submitteed for the DAR) 
Sugg, Hugh Lawson (I0670)
98 He was a Pvt. AEF in WWI. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery County, Clarksville, TN. Sugg, Gordon Adoniram (I2821)
99 He was buried at Old City Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. He died in 1815 at Hocking Township, Fairfield County, Ohio (Traditional date of death) He ws reinterred in 1907 at Stonewall (Wilson) Cemetery, Hocking Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, when Old City Cemetery was relocated. Brown, Elizabeth (I0892)
100 Henry and Selina were engaged while he was in the war (Civil). They married in 1864. per Vickie Lynn Burns her 2nd great granddaughter Family F014

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