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101 Henry Clay Yarbrough died when his youngest child Tennessee was 4 months old in 1877. He loved horses and made his living raising them. He served in the calvary in the Civil War. He died of Dropsy. Per Vickie Lynn Burns the 2nd great granddaughter of Selina Grace Yarbrough, the wife of Henry, "I'm not sure what illness we would label that now but it involved swelling-probably an accumulation of fluids in the body. His legs swelled until they burst open. It must have been an agonizing death for him and a nightmare for the family to watch. His last words were to ask Selina (his wife) to bring the baby (Tennie who is Vickie's great grandmother) to the bed so he could see her one last time. He had a dark complexion and auburn hair." Yarbrough, Henry Clay (I0040)
102 His name is still in question

Shows on Death Certificate Kelliss Mitchell and list occupation as Carpenter
Shows on Ryman's(son)obit as Tobe Mitchell
Shows on 1900 census as Kellus Mitchell
Shows on Sarah Mitchell's death certificate as William
Shows on Josie's(daughter)obit as W.C. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Kelliss (I2688)
103 His obituary recaps his life:

Jessee Hardin Wickham, extensive No. 19 landowner, retired farmer and blacksmith, died at this home near Tarsus Church at the age of 75. He had been in ill health because of a heart and kidney condition. Ten days ago he fell from a mule when the animal shied from a motorcycle, and received injuries which hastened his death.

He was born in Hopkinsville, Christain County, Ky. His parents were Robert L. and Elizabeth Marsh Wickham. They returned to the home near Palmyra when he was an infant.

Mr. Wickham was widely known as an iron worker. He was employed by the old Red River Iron Works for many years, afterward being connected with Allen Creek Iron Works in Wayne County, Tennessee.

This information is referenced on page 34 of Frankie Daniel Sellas' book The Home Folks. 
Wickham, Jessee Hardin (I0225)
104 Huldy's death would have been after 1857 because she died since her father's death which was in the year of 1856. But before Feb. 12, 1861 because her brother and sister state that she is dead now. Her last child (Thomas) which is in the document as unnamed was her last child and he was born 1857 (per the 1860 census). She is also listed in the 1860 census with her husband, Leftridge with her children. The 1860 census was taken on September 27, 1860, therefore she was still living in September of 1860 and this document was sworn in on February 12, 1861.

Huldy dies between September 27, 1860 (date of the 1860 Census) and February 12, 1861.

Document sworn on Feb 12, 1861, filed on March 22, 1861

Loose Papers of Montgomery County Chancellor Court, at the Montgomery County Archives, file Carver VS Breeden. A document which is a sworn testimony of John Oldham and Martha (CLARK) Oldham. They state "in the year 1857 Wm. Clark the father of the said Noah Clark and Martha Oldham died intestate in Montgomery County, Tennessee".

"Wm. Clark died intestate leaving the following children, beside complanants, towith Eliose Clark, John Clark, Thomas Clark, Nancy Breeden wife of Carrol Breeden and formerly Nancy Clark and Mary Carver, formerly Mary Clark, and the following children who died before the said Wm. Clark and left children, towith Wm. Clark Decd. who left several children the names of only those of them being known towith, Jane, Elizabeth and ????????? Clark, also ????? Foster a daughter who died before the death of the said Wm. Clark, and left the following children William, Martha, John Foster: also Huldy Crockett another daughter who died since her father the said William and left children Benjamin, Martha, Jane, William, Melvin, Sally and another child name unknown." 
Clark, Hulda (I0031)
105 I was very lucky to be introduced to Vickie Lynn Burns Trainor, a cousin, through the internet. She had direct contact with an individual that knew Selina Grace Jackson Yarbrough very well. The following are correspondence with her regarding Selina.

Friday, August 9, 2002, via email

Hi Jinny,

Good to hear back from you. I understand about the grandchild coming first. My children are 16 and 10 and I miss rocking babies and lullabies We seem to be the same number of generations removed from Selina and Henry.ll My descent is as follows:
My maiden name was Vickie Lynn Burns. My mother was Peggy Geraldene Tanner. Her mother was Pearl Grace Lyle. Her mother was Tennessee Yarbrough. Tennie was married to Thomas Jordan "Gol" Lyle and was the youngest child of Henry and Selina Jackson Yarbrough. They lived at Hackberry until 1919 when they moved to a farm on Yellow Creek in Houston County where they lived out their lives. I live in Houston County not far from the Dickson County line so we are not too many miles apart. I often drive through Palmyra on my way to Clarksville.

Sylvia Turner gave me your email address. My phone number is 931-764-2539. I don't know William Jackson's wife or parents either. I wish I could help.

I really wish I could help you with pictures of Selina and Henry. I've been asking everyone I can think of for years. Probably the only pictures of Henry Yarbrough was one in his Civil War uniform in one of those little book-like frames, but when Selina died they buried it in her hands. There should be a picture of Selina somewhere, we lived so much longer than Henry, but I haven't found one yet. As for the name - Selina Grave vs. Grace Salina - I depend on two mail sources. The first is my grandmother (and her siblings) who remembered it as Selian Grace. She lived with them and was an important part of their childhood which would add weight to their recollection. The second is the marriage record of Henry and Selina where she is listed as Selina G. Jackson.

Henry Clay Yarbrough died when his youngest child Tennessee was 4 months old in 1877 so I know less about him than his wife. He loved horses and made his living raising them. He serve in the Calvery in the Civil War. I haven't found records of his service yet. I thing he might have crossed into Kentucky to join a calvary unit. He died of what was termed dropsy. I'm not sure what illness we would label that now but it involved swellling-probably an accumulation of fluids in the body. His legs swelled until they burst open. It must have been an agonizing death for him and a nightmare for the family to watch. His last words were to ask Selina to bring the baby (Tennie) to the bed so he could her one last time. He had a dark complexion and auburn hair.

I haven't gotten to anything about Selina yet but have to go for now. I'll send more later. I'd like to know more about Robert and Sarah's family, too, so I may have some questions along the way.

Vickie Trainor 
Jackson, Selina Grace (I0041)
106 IN RE:
Birth Certificate
Grace Sue Jackson

In the County Court of Montgomery County, Tennessee

Came this day, in open Court, Grace Sue Jackson and petitions the Court for a delayed certificate of birth. Petitioner states that her name at birth: Grace Sue Jackson; Date of Birth: January 31, 1901; Birthplace: Montgomery County, Palmyra, ,Tennessee; Color or Race: White: Sex: Female; Full name of Father: Ross Millard Jackson: Birthplace: Tennessee; Maiden name of Mother: Emma Lyle; Birthplace: Tennessee.

And it appearing to the Court, in support of said petition, the affidavit of Mrs. Emma Lyle Jackson was this day produced in Court. Affiant states that she is 70 years of age and the mother of this child.

Now for the purpose of establishing the birth record of said petitioner, and it appearing to the Court that her name at birth: Grace Sue Jackson: date of Birth: January 31, 1901; Birthplace: Montgomery County, Palmyra, Tennessee; Color or Race: White: Sex: Female; Full name of Father: Ross Millard Jackson; Birthplace: Tennessee; Maiden name of Mother: Emma Lyle; Birthplace: Tennessee, the Court is pleased to and doth grant the petition of the said Grave Sue Jackson that a delayed certificate of birth be given her.

This May 26, 1943
Jnol. T. Cunningham
County Judge, Montgomery County, Tennessee 
Jackson, Grace Susan (I0527)
107 In the 1900 Census he is listed with wife Florence with his four children on his farm which he owns free from mortgage.
He and Florence are listed as not being able to read or write. She is listed as mother of four living children.
Joseph is 42 and lists his birth day as Sept. 1857 born in Tennessee
Florence is 29 and lists her birth day as Oct. 1870 born in Tennessee
They have been married 14 years per this census (abt 1886) 
Jackson, Joseph Thomas (I0009)
108 In the Wickham Cemetary a Homemade Monument made by E. T. Wickham in memory of the R.L. Wickham Family

In Memory of the Ancestors
of the R.L. Wickham Family
Buried in Unknown Graves
and outside this Cemetery
Harvie Wickham came from
England to America Oct. 1787
Buried John Nolen Cemetery
East Fork of Yellow Creek
Nathanial Wickham buried in
Missouri Wife Mary Thompson
Bill Marsh buried New Madrid
Missouri Wife Sally Spicer

He died on August 22, 1970 in Clarksville Memorial Hospital, Clarksville. 
Wickham, Enoch Tanner (I0277)
109 In the Wickham Cemetary a Homemade Monument made by E. T. Wickham in memory of the R.L. Wickham Family

In Memory of the Ancestors
of the R.L. Wickham Family
Buried in Unknown Graves
and outside this Cemetery
Harvie Wickham came from
England tto America Oct. 1787
Buried John Nolen Cemetery
East Fork of Yellow Creek
Nathanial Wickham buried in
Missouri Wife Mary Thompson
Bill Marsh buried New Madrid
Missouri Wife Sally Spicer

As reference in Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823 - Indian, Spanish and other Land Passports for Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North and South Carolina written by Dorothy Williams Potter.
Wickham, Harvie (I0047)
110 In the will of her father's her married name was listed as Corum.
However, her married name may very well be Gotham. 
Gorham, Thomas (I0484)
111 Infant daughter of Lonnie and Carrie Davidson Davidson, Naomi Ruth (I1004)
112 Information Collected from records and books and then researched and interrupted by Robert D. Davidson (Duck) of Palmyra, Tennessee

1830 Census - James Hunt Sr. with wife and children


William Henry
(Jack)10-52Sophia and Mary
Michael & James210-151Susie Ann
James Hunt Sr.130-401Nancy (wife)

The 1836 Tax List (see Genealogical Journals of Montgomery County) list James Hunt living in District 15 (toward Shiloh). The 1841 Census listed in Minute Book 21, 1 page 150, Montgomery Court, Tennessee, also list the following in District 7 being the Dotsonville area:

James Hunt Sr.
James Hunt Jr.
Michael Hunt

This would have to be the two males 10-15 above in the 1830 census.

1840 Census - James Hunt Sr. with wife and children


Harry B.15-100

William Henry
(Jack)110-151Sophia W.
Michael & James220-300
James Sr.140-500
150-601Nancy (wife)


July 29, 1843Michael Hunt - Sarah Rose

1845James Hunt - Mary Eads = security ( James W. Rose)

March 22, 1848Sophia Hunt - James Vaughn = security (Michael Hunt)

Note: These families also lived near Locust Grove Church.

1850 Census - Hunt Families

HouseholdNameAgeBirth Place

1297Michael Hunt32N.C.
James W. 4TN

1298James Hunt32N.C.
Thomas M. 1TN

1100James Vaughn
H.B. Hunt18

1102Nancy Hunt54N.C. The 1860 Census has her listed as age 78

SUMMARY - Wife and children of James Hunt:

Nancy HuntWife of James
Michael Hunt32Born around 1818N.C.
James Hunt32Born around 1818N.C.
Sophia W. Hunt23Born around 1827
Mary25Born around 1825N.C.
Wm. Henry (Jack) Hunt20Born around 1830
H.B. Hunt18Born around 1832
Susie Ann Hunt34Born around 1816N.C.*

*Died December 28, 1884

James Sr.'s Nancy was living with H.B. Hunt in the 1860 Census.

Harry B. Hunt married Mary Francis Kelly, daughter of Thomas Kelly and Mary Polly Cox Kelly. She is listed in the 1850 Census of Bedford County, Tennessee


Thomas Kelly34N.C.
Mary 6Birth date Aug. 15, 1845
James 3Married Penelope Hunt
daughter of Jame Hunt
Stephen 8 1/2

Mary Francis Kelly's youngest sister (Florence Olivia) married Joseph Thomas (Buckey) Jackson.

Sr., James Hunt (I0082)
113 Information for George Yarbrough taken from Halifax Co. Will Book 3, p. 308, Halifax Co. Deeds; 1790 Census of Halifax Co, N.C. and the Day Book of Benjamin B. Lewis. Filed in the Archives of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Will Book 3, p. 308, Halifax Co., N.C. shows that the will of George Yarbrough is dated March 4, 1798. He names his wife, Elizabeth, daughter, Mary Lyals; grand dau. Elizabeth Norwood Lyals; daughter, Winney James; sons Samuel; William; James & Moses; daughter Tabitha Yarbrough. He named executrix: Elizabeth, his wife, and executors: James Early and John Smith. 
Yarbrough, George (I1669)
114 Information provided by Family bible Family F012
115 Information supplied by Ethel (Hunt) Jackson (wife of Hadley Rutherford Jackson) on Death Certificate

At the time of his death he was 32 years, 1 month, 4 days old.

Married at the time of death Cause of death Pulmonary Tuberculosis

A Farmer

World War I Registration card states Hadley Jackson has blue eyes and black hair.

Jackson Family Photo -

The Florence Olivia KELLY Jackson Family. About 1918 - based on the children in the photo and also Joseph Thomas Kelly not being in the photo. There are many people in the photo who have not been identified. Some that I have identified are:
Man standing on porch with arm up: Hadley Rutherford Jackson
Next man standing on porch: Ramey Sykes
Last man standing on porch far right: Alfred Pleas Reeves
Far Left - First woman standing: Pearl JACKSON Evans
Next woman standing: Florence Olivia KELLY Jackson - the matriarch
Not identified the small lady standing behind the rest
Next woman Lavinia JACKSON Evans next to her husband Arthur Clifton Evans
Other 3 men standing currently unknown.
Man sitting far left with hat, pipe and beard - Richard Clayton Evans
Woman sitting with baby in arms Ethel HUNT Jackson with Sidney Howard Jackson in lap.
Next lady with cap on Thomas Adeline BIRDWELL Evans with grandson Lee Thurman Evans in arms.(she is the wife of Richard Clayton Evans)
Next woman with babe in arms: Viola HUNT Jackson (wife of Mack Nelson Jackson) with Edna Pearl JACKSON
next young boy UNKNOWN
The set of twins are Lettie Mae and Lattie Rae REEVES
Next to their mother Winnie Mae JACKSON Reeves (wife of Alfred Pleas Reeves) babe in arms Hubert Reeves.
Next little boy at end is Owen Reeves

Jackson, Hadley Rutherford (I0004)
116 Information supplied on Death Certificate from a Claude Jackson.

age at death 74 yrs. 4 mos. 1 day. - Occupation Farmer. Widowed 
Jackson, Perry (I0051)
117 Interview with Mrs. Lola BAGGETT Smith on 3/15/2006 via the telephone. She said that her mother Frances CROCKETT Baggett told her that her grandparent's names were William Crockett (called Bill Crockett) and Malinda CARVER Crockett.

I asked her if she had any family photos or maybe her mother's family bible. She said that her parent's house had burned before she was born and that all of the family photos and bible record was lost in the fire.

Also interviewed Martha Madge CROCKETT on 3/15/2006 and received a copy of her mother's family bible (Madge Bridget WICKHAM Crockett) which listed the father and mother of her husband Nolen Gus Crockett - His parents were William Crockett and Malinda CARVER Crockett. Aunt Bunny (Martha Madge CROCKETT) said that his father, Nolen Gus Crockett said that his father was named William Crockett
and his mother was Malinda CARVER Crockett.

Mrs. Lola BAGGETT Smith and Martha Madge CROCKETT are first cousins. Maggie Frances CROCKETT Baggett was the mother of Lola and Nolen Gus Crockett was the father of Martha Madge CROCKETT. Frances and Nolen Gus Crockett were brother and sister.
1850 Census – Palmyra, Montgomery County, Tennessee – in October
Leftridge Crockett 32 - Well Digger
Huldah 33 - CLARK Davidson – widow of Benjamine Davidson
Martha 12 - (Daughter of Unknown)
Jane 10 - (Daughter of Unknown)
Mary 3 - (Daughter of )
Benjamin 7 - (Son of Huldah Davidson and Benjamine Davidson)
Martha Ann 1 - (Daughter of Benjamine)
William 10/12 – (Son of Huldah and Leftridge)
District 9 is located directly across the Cumberland River from Palmyra, Montgomery County, Tennessee

1860 Census – Living in District 8 – Dotsonville – North and East of the River next to Dr. W.A. Haynes, a physician (Dr. Haynes personal estate is valued at $13,075)

September 27, 1860 enumerated by G.H. Jordan

L. Crockett 42 Laborer – Value of Estate $50.00
H. Crockett 37
Jane Crockett 18
William D. Crockett 11
Milton Crockett 9
Sally Crockett 6
Thomas Crockett 3
Benjamine Davidson 16

1870 Census Montgomery County, Tennessee, 19th Civil District, Corbandale, page 3

Household 14
Thomas A. Clark 45 yrs old white Fisherman, Born in Tennessee, Cannot Read/Write US citizen.
Elizabeth Clark 27 yrs old white Keepinghouse, Born in Tennessee, Can read but not Write
Thomas J. Clark 11 yrs old white Farm Hand, Born in Tennessee, Attend school in the last 5 years.
William T. Clark 3 yrs old white born in Tennessee
Harriet Williams 33 yrs old white Domestic Servant born in Tennessee, Cannot Read/Write
Josephine Williams 5 yrs old white born in Tennessee
William Crocket 18 yrs old Fisherman, born in Tennessee, Cannot Read/Write

William is living in his Uncle's household - Thomas A. Clark is the brother to Hulda CLARK Davidson Crockett. It appears he is helping his Uncle in the trade of Fishing. They are living close to the river in Corbandale. Close to the Alexander Outlaw house.
Crockett, William A. (I0028)
118 JACKSON, Waldon D., 60 died JUuly 11, 1969 after suffering a heart attafck. Retired employee of Ford Motor Co. Born in Palmyra, TN. September 26, 1908, son of the late Ross M. and Emma Jackson. Surviors include his widow, Mrs. Agned Smocheck Jackson; five brothers, Claude M., Lawrence, Emmitt, Walter H. (his twin), and Curtis R. Jackson; two sisters, Misses Mary and Grace Jackson. Burial in Chapel Cemetery in Detroit MI.....Clarksville Leaf-Chroncile, July 17, 1969, page 8. Jackson, Waldon D. (I0496)
119 Jake Livingston was killed after a piece of lumber fell from a scaffold above him and hit his head. After his death Sally Belle and the children moved back to the home place and Sally Belle's health deteriorated and she died before her children were grown. Livingston, Duffers Rachel (I0240)
120 James Crockett was married to two sisters - Elizabeth Sullivant and Catherine Sullivant He first married Elizabeth and had two children. Elizabeth was poisoned by one of her father's (William Sullivant) slaves named Kinchen. Hanged for the murder.
James Crockett then marries Elizabeth's sister - Catherine Sullivant and has children by her. - His gravestone reads - James Crockett Born in Robertson Co. Tenn. Nov. 3, 1793 - died Jan. 11, 1847 aged 53 years, 11 days

James Crockett, Sr. in 1836, paid taxes on the total number of 1,636 acres which was valued at $6,123.

James Crockett left no will so his estate was handled by the Administrator, F.M. Binkley who posted bond for $40,000, the estimated value of sd. estate. James's widow, Catharine, and his son-in-law, Thomas J. Swift, purchased back from the estate many items, both household and farm equipment and cattle, etc..

Gravestone for James Crockett
James Crockett who was born in Robertson County Tenn. Nov.3red 1793 and departed this life on the 14h of January 1847 aged 52 years 2 months & 11 days (footstone reads J.C.) 
Crockett, James (I0439)
121 January 14, 1957, page 1 Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
Mrs. Ella Pulley

Funeral services for Mrs. Ella Pulley, 86, were to be held at 2 p.m. this afternoon at Scott's Chapel Free Will Baptist Church by the Rev. Robert Wyatt.
Burial wsa in the Trinkle Cemetery, Wisemans Funeral Home in charge.
Mrs. Pulley was a native of Montgomery County, and a daughter of the late John and Nancy Lyle Satterfield. She was married to Henry E. Pulley, and he died in 1938. Following her marriage, she made her home in Elk Creek Community near Erin.
Mrs. Pulley died on Saturday at the home of a grandson, Raymond Pulley, near Clarksville where she was visiting.
Survivors include a son, Paul Pulley Clarksville; ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

The Trinkle Cemetery is located in Distict 6 in Cumberland City, Stewart County, Tennessee 
Satterfield, Sarah Ellen (I1048)
122 Jinny Jackson Smith/Family Tree DNA, MtDNA for Ernest Nolen Jackson (kit 102501) and Nolen Jewell Crockett (31249) - Haplogroup H, /www.familytreedna.com/public/Jackson, The MtDNA for kit number 102501 Ernest N. Jackson and Nolen Jewell Crockett 31249 match which proves the maternal line for both. Documented genealogy collaborates the MtDNA connection. Source (S77263)
123 John Howell Sugg and Nancy Powers (husband and wife) lived on a 25 acre tract at Shiloh, Montgomery County, TN. recorded on Deed #242, Book 15, page 727, "Middle Tennessee Grants". (Tenn. Sate Library and Archives)


Montgomery County, Tennessee Deed Book L Letter T, page 244
State of Tennessee to Grant 76 acres to Henry Tomlinson

State of Tennessee No. 2739

10th day of January 1825

State of Tennessee unto HENRY TOMLINSON a certain tract or parcel of land containing 76 acres by survey bearing date the 11th day of January 1825 lying in said county on the waters of Guises creek and bounded at Yellow Creek to with begining at a small black oak poplar standing near the road leading from Yellow Creek Iron Works to Dover, running south seventy eight poles crossing a small branch to a small red oak, thence west one hunderd and fifty six pole to a dog wood in THOMAS TOMLINSON's line thence south with the line seventy eight poles crossing two branches to a`spanish oak splen thence east one hundred and fifty six poles crossing said branch again to the beginning.
Recorded in the Register Office of West Tennessee 20th February 1826.


Montgomery County Deeds 1830-1832 Deed Book M, Letter S, Page 497

Henry Tomlinson to Deed John H. Sugg

This indenture made and entered into this November the 29th 1831 between HENRY TOMLINSON of the state of Tennessee and county of WEAKLEY of the one part and JOHN H. SUGG of the state of Tennessee and county of MONTGOMERY
of the other part witnesseth that said TOMLINSON for and in consideration of the sum of seventy five dollars to him paid in hand the receipt where is hereby acknowledged have bargained sold and conveyed unto the said SUGG a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Montgomery County on the waters of GUICES CREEK containing forty acres of land and bounded as follows towith beginning on a small black oak saplin near the road bed from YELLOW CREEK IRON WORKS to Dover running north seventy eight poles across a branch to a small red oak thence with one hundred and two poles and a half to a sweet gun thence south sevetny with poles to a white thence east one hundred and two poles to the begining.

April Term 1832

Tennessee's Western Highland Rim Iron Industry
A Cutural Resource Survey 1790s - 1930s

By Samuel Smith, Charles P. Stripling, and James M. Brannon
Tennessee Department of Conservation, Division of Archaeology, Research Series No. 8.

page 58

Montgomery County Tennessee


Page 92

40MT371 Yellow Creek Furnace ca. 1805-1862

Construction of the Yellow Creek furnace by Dr. Morgan Brown was probably completed in 1805 (Goodspeed 1887: 773). By 1819, it was owned by Montgomery Bell, who, by 1822, completed the sale of the "ironworks" and 2,474 acres to Thomas Watson and Dr. John H. Marable (Montgomery County Deed Book I, p. 1076 and K, p. 306). After a flood washed out the operation in 1836, the property was purchased by the firm of Steele and Sox who restablished a furnace on the site, naming it the Yellow Creek Furnace (Goodspeed 1887: 773). This was a water-powered operation until about 1855, when it was converted to steam (Safford 1856: 52). A forge was added in 1840 that included four knobling fires and a water-driven hammer (Lesley 1859: 215).

The 1850 manufactures census shows that Steele and Socks' furnace and forge had produced 600 tons of pig metal and 400 tons of blooms. Figures supplied by Lesley (1859: 133, 215) for the years 1855 and 1857 reflect an increase in production of almost twice as much pig iron and about the same amount of iron blooms. This source also shows that the Yellow Creek operation was owned by Robert Steele and Company and managed by J. McDonald and A. Brigham.

The furnace and forge were destroyed in 1862 by Union troops and Robert Steele was killed (Goodspeed 1887: 773).

Henry(Thomas)Tomlinson is the nephew of Clarrisa Tomlinson (wife of Able Jackson)

John Howell Sugg is the father of Winifred Azalia Sugg (wife of John Jackson) - John Jackson is the grandson of William Jackson.

We believe William Jackson and Able Jackson are brothers. Sons of "Killin"Stephen Jackson of South Carolina. 
Sugg, John Howell (I1878)
124 John Howell Sugg was a Confederate Soldier. Sugg, John Howell (I0756)
125 John William Wickham was an avid horseman as he was on call as the Community doctor and cared for the sick at their residence, as most did not have transportation.

Dr. John Wickham was a close friend to Austin Peay of Clarksville, who later became the three-time Governor of Tennessee. They served together in the 52nd Tennessee Legislature (House of Representative) in 1901.

While in office, John Wickham chaired the Committee of Sanitation. Alone or with fellow representative Austin Peay, he presented the House with a total of twenty-four bills, of which three were passed into Acts. The most important of these were Act #478 "To regulate the practice of Medicine and Surgery in Tennessee." Except for a few additions and/or changes the Act outlines the ethical code, training necessary, and provides an Examining Board to issue license to practice and to revoke the license of those found guilty of malpractice. He also introduced the Bill #503, which empowed the State Board of Health to enforce the Pure Food Laws.

Dr. John William Wickham was tragically killed when Charley Baggett shot him while attempting to board a train bound for Clarksville out of Hackberry. The incident was based on a dispute about the purchase of a wagon and Mr. Baggett's default of his share of the payment. John Wickham was shot three times and transported to Nashville for special surgery but did not survive.

A jury trial held two years later resulted in a hung jury, Charley Baggett died before a second trial could be held. Baggetts were as old and as prolific a pioneer family as the Wickhams. Community feelings ran high. The reasoning of the verdict was that because John Wickham had carried a rifle with him that day Baggett was forced to shoot in self defense.  
Wickham, Dr. John William (I0206)
126 Joseph Proctor was married once before Pollyanna Marsh but we do not know who she was. Pollyanna and Joseph had several children and gave one-half acre of their land for the building of a school. It is believed it is the Oak Grove School (also the church). As reference by Frankie Daniel Sellas' book The Home Folk. Proctor, Irena (I0216)
127 Last name perhaps Williams, daughter of Francies Williams. Sarahann was living 1813 & married by 1765. Name on deeds with Thomas Harvey/Hervey in Halifax, NC as his wife by 1765. Williams, Sarah Ann (I0796)
128 Lawfully adopted child of Gus Carver As identified in G.H. Carver's intestate document: E Book 43 page 363. Filed Aug 7, 1915. He receives a child's portion of his adopted father's estate. The amount for the child is $71.00 and the clerk is told to pay to his mother, Mrs. Josephine Crane. This is not the widow of G.H. Crane - Mary Ann Underwood. Carver, Gus (I1574)
129 Leftridge C. Crockett – February 27, 1818 – still living in 1881
Birth date is listed on his marriage certificate to Paralee ELLIOTT Lewis in 1881.
Brown Harvey Sr. Book "Harvey Connection" Page 257 list Leftridge C. Crockett as son of James Crockett and Elizabeth SULLIVANT

1st marriage – Eliza ( ) Jones – September 15 , 1844
Montgomery County, Tennessee

2nd marriage – Hulda (CLARK) Davidson – widow – August 3, 1849, Montgomery County, Tennessee

3rd marriage – Rebecca ( ) Moore Burgess – widow of a Moore then divorcee of a Burgess, November 10, 1870, Livingston County, Kentucky – Dierhill

4th marriage – Ellen Paralee ELLIOTT Lewis – widow – September 16, 1881, Montgomery County, Tennessee
1850 Census – Montgomery County, Tennessee – in October
Leftridge Crockett 32 - Well Digger
Huldah 33 - CLARK Davidson – widow of Benjamine Davidson
Martha 12 - (Daughter of Unknown)
Jane 10 - (Daughter of Unknown)
Mary 3 - (Daughter of )
Benjamin 7 - (Son of Huldah Davidson and Benjamine Davidson)
Martha Ann 1 - (Daughter of Benjamine)
William 10/12 – (Son of Huldah and Leftridge)

Leftridge relationship to the children in the household for 1850
Martha born 1838 step daughter
Jane born 1840 step daughter
Mary born 1847 step daughter
Benjamin Davidson born 1843 step son
Martha Ann (Davidson) born 1849 step daughter
William Crockett born 1850 son

1857 Quarterly Court papers – May – August 1857 – Montgomery County, Tennessee

L. Crockett – Ferry Bond – July 1857 - $2,000 bond
{The consideration of the above obligation is such that whereas Leftridge Crockett had been appointed the keeper of a publick Ferry access Cumberland River at Palmyra Montgomery County Tennessee. Signed by Leftridge Crockett and Burrell Corban
Acknowledged in open court}

1859 Montgomery County Tennessee District 9 Tax List

Crocket L. Poll (1) Tax $7.00

District 9 is located directly across the Cumberland River from Palmyra, Montgomery County, Tennessee

1860 Census – Living in District 8 – Dotsonville – North and East of the River next to Dr. W.A. Haynes, a physician (Dr. Haynes personal estate is valued at $13,075)

September 27, 1860 enumerated by G.H. Jordan

L. Crockett 42 Laborer – Value of Estate $50.00
H. Crockett 37
Jane Crockett 18
William D. Crockett 11
Milton Crockett 9
Sally Crockett 6
Thomas Crockett 3
Benjamine Davidson 16

In 1870 Census, Livingston County, Kentucky Dierhill
Living in Livingston, Kentucky Roll 482 Book 1, page 209, Dierhill District.

August 22, 1870
Crockett L. 59, Farm Labor, Born in Tennessee, Can not R/W,
US Citizen
Crockett Malform (sic) (his name is Milton or Melvin) 17, Farm Labor, Can not R/W
Crockett Sarah 15, Housekeeper, Can not R/W

3rd marriage Rebecca ( ) Moore Burgess – Livingston County, Kentucky, Dierhill - November 10, 1870

Marriage Certificate - This is to Certify that on the 10th day of November, 1870, the rites of matrimony were legally solemnized by me between L.C. Crockett and Rebecca Burgess at the house of B. Laumier in the County of Livingston in the presence of Ben Towery & Betty Towery

Leftridge marries a Rebecca ( )Moore Burgess - who was originally married to a David Moore (commits suicide) and then she is married and then divorced from a John T. Burgess

U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index Record
David Moore, 1860, County of Livingston Co., Ky. Age 55, Male Month of Death: Jan, State of Birth: Kentucky, ID. # MRT197_229092, Occupation: Farmer, Cause of Death: Suicide

Rebecca ( ) Moore marries John T. Burgess on September 5, 1860

1860 Census Livingston County, Kentucky

John Burgess, 24, painter, born in Tennessee
Rebecca Burgess, 36, born in Alabama

Livingston County Court Records – Rebecca Burgess on September 1, 1865 filed for divorce against J.T. Burgess

August 13, 1867 , J.T. Burgess against R. Burgess

1870 Census Livingston County, Kentucky, town of Smithland

Laumier, Benj, 56, Grocer, born in France
Laumier, Elizabeth, 55, keeping house, born in Kentucky
Burgess, Rebecca, 50, Domestic Servant, born in Alabama

1880 Census Dist 19 of Montgomery County, Tennessee, June 10, 1880

Crocket D. C., White, Male, 62, Married, Ferryman
Parolee, White, Female, 38, Wife, Cooking, Unemployed
Sam, White, Male, 12, Laborer, Unemployed
All three listed as being born in Tennessee

Leftridge listed that he could not read but could write
Parolee listed that she could neither read nor write nor could her son (Sam)

It also lists Leftridge’s parents being born in Virginia
Parolee’s parents born Father S.C. and Mother TN.
Sam’s parents born in Tennessee

4th marriage to Ellen Paralee ELLIOTT Lewis on September 16, 1881.

This marriage license was issued in Montgomery County, Tennessee and is dated September 16, 1881.

It has a wealth of information listed on the back of the certificate because during this time there was a questionnaire that was completed.

Date of Marriage: Sept. 16th 1881
Where Married: at mouth yellow creek Montgomery County
Name of Bridegroom: Leftridge Crocket
Name of Bride: Paralee Lewis
Maiden Name if Widow: Paralee Elliott
Color of Contracting Parties: White
Age of Bridegroom: 63 years, February 27th 1881
Age of Bride: 38 years, 10th of Apr. 1881
Birthplace of Bridegroom: Montgomery County Tennessee
Birthplace of Bride: Montgomery County Tennessee
Residence of Groom at time of Marriage: Montgomery County Tennessee
Residence of Bride at time of Marriage: Montgomery County Tennessee
Occupation of Bridegroom: Ferryman
By Whom Solemnized: R. P. Gannaway, minister
Names and Residence of at least two witness: Can not make these names o

Information about Leftridge and his son William

My Grandfather, Nolen Gus Crockett said that his father’s name was William and William’s father’s name was Leftridg

Also, Aunt Bunny (Martha Madge Crockett) spoke to Mrytle and Lola Baggett the daughters of Frances Crockett Baggett (sister to Nolen Gus Crockett wife of Jess Baggett) and she said that her mother was a Carver. Aunt Bunny (Martha Madge Crockett) said that she spoke to Uncle Tanner Wickham when he was living and he said that Nolen Gus Crockett's grandfather's name was Leftridge, and he was a well digger. (Enoch Tanner Wickham 1883 - 1970) 
Crockett, Leftridge C. (I0030)
130 Lemuel Sugg died intestate and the probate records of his estate are recorded in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, Minute Book I, page 81. Ann Sugg is named as his wife and administrator of his estate, along with Matthew Morgan and John Thomas. Ann is also appointed guardian for the six minor children.

Page 430 of Montgomery County, Tennessee Will Book A, 1796-1809
Ann Sugg - Guardianship

Know all men by these present that the Ann Sugg & Stephen Handlen all of Montgomery County & State of Tennessee held & firmly bound unto the Justice of pleas & quarter sessions of Montgomery County in the sum of one thousand dollars to be paid to said Justices or their successors, in trust for Lucenda Sugg, Elizabeth Sugg, Martha Sugg, Melton B. Sugg, Howel Sugg, & Noah Sugg hereafter mentioned committed to the care and tuition of the said Ann Sugg for which payment will of truly to be met & done bind outselves our heirs Executors & administrators jointly & severally firmly by these present sealed our seals & dated the twentyieth day of June 1809.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bounden Ann Sugg is nominated & appointed guardian to Lucenda Sugg, Elizabeth Sugg, Martha Sugg, Melton B. Sugg, Howel Sugg, & Noah Sugg. Now if the said Ann Sugg shall faithfully Execute the guardianship by securing and improving all of the estate of the said Heirs to which she is now appointed Guardian to, that shall come unto her hands & possession for the said Lucenda Sugg, Elizabeth Sugg, Martha Sugg, Melton B. Sugg, Howell Sugg, & Noah Sugg until they arrive to full age of Twenty one years or the said Ann Sugg be sooner their unto requested & then under a true & perfect account of the guardianship on oath before our said court and deliver up pay, to possess the said Heirs Lucenda Sugg, Elizabeth Sugg, Martha Sugg, Melton B. Sugg, Howel Sugg, & Noah Sugg of all of and any such estate or estates as they the said heirs ought to be possessed of or to such other person or persons as should be lawfully authorized to receive the same of the profits arising thereon these this obligation to be void else to remain in full force & effect.
Acknowledged in open Ann (her mark) Sugg
Court June Term 1800 Stephen Handlen
W.C, Jamison C.M.C..

Page 452 of Montgomery County, Tennessee Will Book A, 1796-1809
Adminstration Bond of Lemuel Sugg deceased

The condition of the above obligation is such that is the above bounden Ann Sugg, Mathew Morgan and John Thomas, Administrators of all & singular the goods & chattles rights of ______ of Lemuel Sugg deceased, do make or cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all & Singular the Goods & Chattle Rights & _________ of the deceased, which have or shall come unto the hands, knowledge or possession of the said Ann Sugg, Mathew Morgan & John Thomas or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons..... 
Sugg, Lemuel (I1529)
131 Life Insurance Certificate issued by Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company of California Source (S74822)
132 Listed as Betsy in the 1850 Census for Montgomery County, Tennessee, age 45 and being born in North Carolina Weaver, Elizabeth (I1257)
133 Listed as Betsy Marsh, age 9 in household with her sisters and Mother and Father in Dickson County, Tennessee, 1850 Census. Household 521.

Death certificate - marked as widower - age 78 yrs, 6 mos., 23 days
died of cancer of the esophagus.

In the 1920 census l.iving at the homesplace with son Wayne Nathaniel Wickham
Grandson Samuel W. Wickham
Jessie H. Wickham and wife Lena Wickham 
Marsh, Elizabeth (I0207)
134 Listed in the Sumner County Records as Robeckah Suiter, marries Francis McDonald July 6, 1804 Family F748
135 Listed in the William Bailey Hunt family bible which is located in the Montgomery County Library in the genealogy's vertical file.


Marvin Hunt
Hallie Hunt
Johnie Hunt
Ethea Hunt
Carrie Hunt 
Hunt, William Bailey (I0101)
136 Listed on Father's Death Certificate as the informant for information. Address at time for Walter L. Jackson was Dickson Tennessee Jackson, Walter L. (I1316)
137 Listed on the Death Certificate as the person that supplied information was Joe Jackson, Jr.

age at death 89 yr, 8 mos., 7 days. listed as a widower, died of old age, occupation Farmer 
Jackson, Josiah (I0048)
138 Lived in Detroit, Michigan. Was married for 20 years but childless. After his wife died, he retired and returned to Tennessee.  Wickham, James Lyddy (I0237)
139 Lives near Chicago, Ilinois. Oliver, Frances Louise (I0245)
140 Located South of the River, Montgomery County, Tennessee, on Wickham Road Source (S08990)
141 Loose Papers Source (S40497)
142 Manuscripts & Folklife Archives, Department of Library Special Collections, Kentucky Library & Musuem, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY 42101-1092
Descriptive Inventory, MSS 230, WARREN County, Kentucky - Marriage Bonds, 30 boxes, 331 folders, 1797-1984. 7,184 items. Originals, photocopies, 2008.1.49 
Source (S95374)
143 Margaret Crockett was Papa Crockett's sister and she never married. She died from choking to death on a fish bone in Palmyra, Tennessee. Crockett, Margaret (I0301)
144 Married at the Palmyra Methodist Church Parsonage by the Reverend Keithly. The parsonage is the large white house that is on the corner of Corbandale and Palmyra Road which is owned by the Winton Winfree family now, per Aunt Bunny. Family F002
145 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F122
146 Mary (Polly) Thompson Wickham had red hair and most of her children inherited it in shades from gold to deep auburn, all with fair, flawless skin. They were high-spirited and trigger-tempered, and had their share of sibling battles. The Home Folk, Frankie Daniel Sellas (20)

In the Wickham Cemetary a Homemade Monument made by E. T. Wickham in memory of the R.L. Wickham Family

In Memory of the Ancestors
of the R.L. Wickham Family
Buried in Unknown Graves
and outside this Cemetery
Harvie Wickham came from
England to America Oct. 1787
Buried John Nolen Cemetery
East Fork of Yellow Creek
Nathanial Wickham buried in
Missouri Wife Mary Thompson
Bill Marsh buried New Madrid
Missouri Wife Sally Spicer

Mary Thompson Wickham stayed at the homeplace during the civil war, while her husband was in Missouri as a speculator. During her time at the homeplace she had honey bees and was known by family members to hide her money in with the bees for safe keeping, and a pistol in a tree stump for protection as there was much robbing and stealing during the war, especially since she was the mother of a Northern sympathier and was living in deep Southern terriority. Her son Robert Lewis Wickham and Robert's father in-law Bill Marsh were the only two votes at the Palmyra voting district to vote against the seccesion from the Union. The next day after the vote they went to Kentucky to sign up with the Union forces leaving Elizabeth Marsh Wickham and her mother in law Mary Thompson Wickham alone in the Wickham homeplace. (per conversation with Nancy Wickham Ledbetter, granddaughter of E.T. Wickham)

In 1860 Mary Polly Thompson Wickhan is listed in the household with Son Robert Lewis Wickham and his family. She is 70 years old.

47330R.L.WICKHAM30 m w farmer600/656 Nc
Elizabeth19 f w Nc
John 5/12 m Nc
Mary 70 f w Nc 
Thompson, Mary (I2541)
147 Miss Leila, known to all became the mistress of her father's house after her mother's death. She never married and cared for her bachelor brother's Omar, Porter, and Dewitt, who were prosperous farmers. I can remember my mother affectionately speaking of Aunt Leila and her peacocks and how as an old spinster she loved to see her nieces and nephews of her sister Madge Bridgett.

The Robert Anderson Wickham home place is located close to the river and beside the railroad tracks which is now owned by Bobby Powers.

Obituary for Leila Wickham

Funeral Services held Miss Leila Wickham - 78 - Tarsus Methodist Church near Palmyra. Rev. Ceal Miller - Burial Wickham Cemetary, Milligan Funeral Home. Died at home Wednesday after short illness. Member of Methodist Church. Parents were Robert A. & Sarah Eliza. Yarbrough Wickham - Survivors: 4 brothers: R.G.Wickham, Detroit Michigan, Porter Wickham, Dewitt Wickham, Herbert Wickham of Palmyra. 2 sisters Mrs. Nolen Crockett of Palmyra and Mrs. Arthur Yarbrough of Clarksville.

Great Aunt Leila kept a clean and beautiful house. Although she never married the Wickham homeplace was considered her household and she maintained fine and beautiful furnishings up until her death. Some items that are still maintained by the family are a pump organ, and easel. My mother, Virginia Crockett Jackson purchased from the homeplace during an auction, Great Aunt Leila's mirror. Up until my mother's death this mirror hung above out fireplace. It is now hanging in my house in the bed room above my bed. It is a beautiful gold leaf, beveled edge mirror about 4 feet in length. A treasure not only because of it's beauty, but for the family heritage. 
Wickham, Leila (I0170)
148 Missouri Marriage Records, Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives Source (S90625)
149 Mitchell, Ryman. Born in Montgomery County, TN 28 June 1893. Age 37 yrs. Died 13 Jan. 1931, of pneumonia. Antique and furniture dealer, on Franklin and Tenth St. Son of late Tobe Mitcherll and Sarah Crockett Mitchell, who survives. Married 13 October 1913 to Miss Ina Bright. Leaves wife and following children: Misses Ruby Mai, Frances Lucille, Ryman and Joe Mitchell. Survived by one sister, Mr. Joe Street; half brother, Seymour Mitchell. Interment at Greenwood Cemetery. Clarksville Leaf Chronicle. 14 Jan. 1931 page 1. Mitchell, Ryman (I2692)
150 Monday Morning April 5th, 1847Montgomery County Chancellery Court Vol. 23-24 Page 67

In appearing to the Court that Catharine Crocket by order of this Court at it’s last March term was summonsed to appear at this term of the Court to be at Clarksville on the first Monday in April 1847 and bring with her the paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of her late husband, James Crocket if such papers she held in her possession or if the same had been in her possession to inform this Court where such will is and what had been done with it and submit to such examination / / / said Catharine Crocket being duty called to answer according to subpoena and failing to appear upon motions it is ordered and degreed by the Court that testament for of the Court by failing and refusing to appear according to subpoena be issued to the sheriff of Mongomery County Commissioners / / to the Commission prison of the said County the said Catharine Crocket there to remain without bail / / / until the said will shall be produced by her and our submission reads to the Court for the testimony and that the sheriff aforesaid shall have here before the Court at its next May term the body of the said Catharine Crocket to answer for this

Gravestone for Catherine Crockett reads
Catherine CROCKETT wife of James Crockett born in 1791 died in 1868 (footstone: C.C.) She believed and sleeps in Jesus  
Sullivant, Catherine (I0768)

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