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DEED BOOK B, Page 607

Indenture made this 28th day of December 1803, between John P. Vaughan of Montgomery county, and Nathan Thomas of 'the same county, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to him in hand paid, for a tract of land lying on the south side of Cumberland River, and containing sixty-five acres, it being part of a tract granted to John Campbell.
B. Hicks
S. Thornton John P. Vaughan

These may be reviewed at the Tennessee Archives in Nashville, TN. Submitted by Cindy Powell 11-25-2001
Vaughn, John Powell Sr. (I0969)
2 "Second Census" of Kentucky 1800 - A privately compiled and published enumeration of tax payers appearing in the 79 manuscript volumes extant of tax lists of the 42 counties of Kentucky in existence in 1800. by G. Glenn Clift. Page 293. On Austin Thompson listed in Washington County of Kentucky in 1800.

1810 Census

Austin Thompson listed in Washington County, Kentucky 30110 01010 5

Which translates
3 free white males under the age of 10
1 free white male of 16 and under 26
1 free white male of 26 and under 45 - Austin Thompson

1 free white female of 10 and uner 16 - Mary Thompson future wife of Nathaniel Wickham
1 free white female of 26 and under 45 - This is probably Mary's and the boys listed above mother

5 Slaves - These slaves are substantiated in the selling of his estate at his death in 1835.

Based on the information above - Austin Thompson is married to a lady that is close to his age which is somewhere between 26 and 45. He has one daughter - Mary "Polly" Thompson who was born in 1792, which would closely match the young female that is listed above. This is the last time Mary is found in her father's household. The next census she will be in her husbands household in Stewart Co., TN. in the 1820 Census.

1820 Census

Austin Thompson listed in Washington County, Kentucky 120001 11001 0 300 3002 1001 0100 0000 6

Which translates
1 free white male under 10 years old
2 free white males of 10 and under 16 years old
1 free white males of 45 and up - This is Austin Thompson

1 free white female under 10 years old
1 free white female of 10 and under 16 years old
1 free white female of 45 and up - This is the mother of Mary "Polly" Thompson and the rest of the children that have been listed in the 1810 census and 1820 census.

There are 3 people that are listed to work in Agriculture.

3 male slaves under 14 years of age
2 male slaves 45 and up

1 female slave under 14 years old
1 female slave 45 and up

1 free male colored person of 14 and under 26 years of age

6 all other persons except Indians not taxed

Stewart County Minutes - Thomas, Jane by her next friend Augustus Thomson, Sues Benjamin Thomas, who does not appear; she says he has been guilty of acts of adultery, bonds of matrimony were dissolved. September 1830.

November 4, 1833, Stewart County, Thomas Lowden - Appointed overseer of road from Cross Creek to Elk Creek and those to work under him; William Ellis, Daniel Brake, James Lowry, Luke Findley, Thomas Moore, Henry Wyatt, James Brigham and hands, William Tomlinson and hands Augustus Thompson, William Garrison, John Wyatt, Wain Vanban, George Shuff, John Brook and John Armstrong.

Minutes of Stewart County Court April 1829 to May 1836 Book C., page 209, - Indenture of one Samuel Matson to Augustin Thompson on November 5, 1832.
page 438 and 439 - Adminstrator's Bond for a William Kay the administrator of Augustin Thompson - Deceased - Document dated August 3, 1835.

Deed Book - Stewart County - volume 10, page 273, Property sold by Malchiah Lewis to Augustus Thompson - 25 acres - On the east fork of Wells Creek on a branch called the Muster Ground Branch. for $50.00. Dated November 4, 1833.

Deed Book - Stewart County - volume 11, page 249, Property sold by Cullen Bayliss to Augustus Thompson - 95 acres - Southside of Cumberland River (note still located in Stewart County) - for $333.00. Dated September 12, 1834.

November 3, 1835, Sally Thompson, Widow of Augustin Thompson, deceased, Commissioners William Garrison, Frances Herreford and William Randle, appointed to layoff years provision for her.

Minutes of Stewart County Court June 1836 to July 1840 Book D - page 20 and 21, Widow's year allowance ordered by the Commissioners of Steward County for Augustus Thompson's widow. No wife's name is mentioned in document, only widow of. June 1836.
page 124 - Account Current of Estate of Augustus Thompson deceased to on William Kay, Administrator. September 1837.

Thompson, Augustus (I0023)
3 17 October 1826, William, Thomas P. and Jon Tomlinson, William Anderson, Abel Jackson and James Thomson, sold Uriah for $200 Land om First District, South Cross Creek, nother of William Tomlinson's southeast corner of his 74 1/4-acre tract - 100 acres formerly belonging to John Tomlinson, deceased, Mark Milam, William Tomlinson and Daniel Curtis were witnesses.

Uriah also witnessed the will of William Anderson in 1829 with John Tomlinson Sr. and John Tomlinson, Abel Jackson, James Thompson and John Tomlinson supplied the bond for the widow, Elizabeth Tomlinson Anderson, executrix.

Uriah Tomlinson served in Capt. John's Grey Company under Col. John Cook, November 13, 1814 to May 10, 1815. 
Tomlinson, Uriah (I1107)
4 1806 - Elisha Channel - Administrators to his death Betsy Channel (widow) Joseph Pinrice and Robert Well - of Montgomery County, Tennessee, County Court, Vol II, pg 267 1806

1808 Montgomery County, Tennessee, County Court, Vol. II, pg. 357
Francis Pinrice identified as guardians of children on Elijah Channel deceased
Jentsey, James, Henry.
Wife is Betsy Channel 
Channel, Elisha (I1833)
5 1810 North Carolina , Halifax, Roll 38 Book 1, Page 140  Sikes, Jacob (I1016)
6 1850 Census

William Carver - 33 - M, W, Born 1817, Barren Co. Kentucky
Melinda Carver - 35 - F, W, Born 1815, Kentucky
Sarah Carver - 11, Born 1839 - Kentucky
Mary F. Carver - 9, Born 1841 - Kentucky
John A. Carver - 7, Born 1843 - Tennessee
Virginia A. Carver - 5, Born 1845 - Tennessee
William J, G or L - 3, Born 1847 - Tennessee
Volume 2 -
Marthan Carver - 12
Jane Carver - 10
Benjamin - 7
Mary Carver - 3
Martha Ann - 1
William - 10/12 TT, MT - 922, 394 
Carver, William (I0434)
7 1850 Census list Patsy Jackson living with her brother
Patsy (Yarbrough) Jackson, age 26, living with her brother Elisha W. Yarber in Jackson Co., Illinois in 1850. She had no small children living with her. 
Yarbrough, Patsy (I0081)
8 1860 Census for Montgomery County, Tennessee

56394 E. Jackson 50 m w laborer 225 Tn
Ann 45 f w TN
Josiah 19 m w TN
Susan 10 f w TN
Sophia 6 f w TN
Perry 5 m w TN
Leonard 1 m w TN 
Jackson, Edmond L. (I1114)
9 1860 Census Living in District 8 Dotsonville North and East of the River next to Dr. W.A. Haynes, a physician (Dr. Haynes personal estate is valued at $13,075)

September 27, 1860 enumerated by G.H. Jordan

L. Crockett 42 Laborer Value of Estate $50.00
H. Crockett 37
Jane Crockett 18
William D. Crockett 11
Milton Crockett 9
Sally Crockett 6
Thomas Crockett 3
Benjamine Davidson 16
In 1870 Census, Livingston County, Kentucky Dierhill
Living in Livingston, Kentucky Roll 482 Book 1, page 209, Dierhill District.

August 22, 1870
Crockett L. 59, Farm Labor, Born in Tennessee, Can not R/W,
US Citizen
Crockett Malform (sic) (his name is Milton or Melvin) 17, Farm Labor, Can not R/W
Crockett Sarah 15, Housekeeper, Can not R/W
In 1880 Census, Trigg County, Kentucky, Linton, District 152, page 8
Melvin Crockett born 1853
D.A. Crockett born 1854
Crockett, Melvin (I0442)
10 1860 Census Living in District 8 Dotsonville North and East of the River next to Dr. W.A. Haynes, a physician (Dr. Haynes personal estate is valued at $13,075)

September 27, 1860 enumerated by G.H. Jordan

L. Crockett 42 Laborer Value of Estate $50.00
H. Crockett 37
Jane Crockett 18
William D. Crockett 11
Milton Crockett 9
Sally Crockett 6
Thomas Crockett 3
Benjamine Davidson 16

1870 Census Diershill, Livingston County, Kentucky

L. Crocket
Malvin Crocket 1853
Sarah Crocket 1855
1880 Census

Marries W.C. Mitchell in 1881 - Lyons County, Kentucky

1890 Census
1900 Census Montgomery County, District 19, District 42 Kellus is a Raftman
Kellus Mitchell Nov. 1842 Married 1882
Sarah Mitchell Sept. 1853
Mallie Mitchell Nov. 1883
Claudie Mitchell Mar. 1887
Jocie Mitchell Jul. 1892
Ryman Mitchell Jan. 1895
1920 Census Montgomery County, Twelfth Civil District, District 6, District 147, Ward of City First. January 13, 1920.

North First Street

Ryman Mitchell 1896 Head Huckster Vegetables
Inez Mitchell 1900 Wife
Ruby May Mitchell 1918 Daughter
Sarah Mitchell 1855 Mother Fortune Teller
Elmo Wallace 1904 Nephew
Munroe Wallace 1906 Nephew
1930 Census Montgomery County, 12th District Outside of City of Clarksville, District 63-25, District 3, April 15, 1930.

Ryman Mitchell 1895 Head Prioprietor, Second Hand Shop, Owner
Ina Mitchell 1900
Ruby M. Michell 11 (1919)
Lucille Mitchell 7 (1923)
Ryman Mitchell, Jr. 6 (1924)
Joe Mitchell 2 (1928)
Sarah Mitchell, Mother 78 years old (1852), Age of First Marriage 20
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, January 14, 1931, page 1
MITCHELL, Ryman. Born in Montgomery County, TN 28 June 1893. Age 37 yrs. Died 13 Jan. 1931, of pneumonia. Antique and furniture dealer, on Franklin and Tenth St. Son of late Tobe Mitchell and Sarah Crockett Mitchell, who survives. Married 13 Oct. 1913 to Miss Ina Bright. Leaves wife and following children: Misses Ruby Mai, Frances Lucille, Ryman and Joe Mitchell. Survived by one sister, Mrs. Joe Street; half-brother, Seymour Mitchell. Intermet at Greenwood Cemetery.
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, January 6, 1944, page 1
MITCHELL, Mrs. Sarah

Mrs. Mitchell
Dies at Age 89
Mrs. Sarah Mitchell, 89 years old
died this morning at 2:30 at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Joe
Street, on South Second Street
Mrs. Mitchell had never recovered
from a stroke which she had
suffered 18 months ago. Funeral
services will be conducted tomorrow
morning at 10 o'clock at Tarpley's
Chapel by Dr. Richard N. Owen,
pastor of the First Baptist Church
of which she was a member.
Pallbearers will be Oma Mathis,
Joe Davis, R.P. Winn, Dorsey McCollum
Henry Parker, and Roland Posey.
Mrs. Mitchell was born near Palmyra
on Sept. 3, 1854 the daughter of Mr.
& Mrs. Lethridge Crockett.
She is survived by the daughter
Mrs. Street, and six grandchildren. 
Crockett, Sarah (I0443)
11 1860 Montgomery County Census

52360M.EATON 41 m w farmer75Tn
JaneCARVER 22 f w Tn
Mary 20 f w Tn
John 18 m w Tn
Malinda 4 f w Tn 
Eaton, Malinda (I0435)
12 1860 Montgomery County Census

55388W.PUCKETT 35 m w laborer125Tn
Nancy 30 f w Tn
Wm 5 m w Tn
Elijah 1 m w Tn
Puckett, Wiley Jackson (I0208)
13 1860 Montgomery County Census

55390HartWEAVER 50 m w farmer500/320Tn
Mary 25 f w Tn
Henry 19 m w Tn
Jesse 15 m w Tn

Original Homeplace located in Montgomery County, Tennessee

N 36 degree 24.732
W 087 degree 28.483
End of Wickham Road

Weaver Furnace (Montgomery Furnace)

N 36 degree 24.678
W 087 degree 28.476 
Weaver, Hartwell (I0079)
14 1860 Montgomery County Tennessee Census

55391H.B.HUNT28 m w laborer243Tn
Nancy78 f w Nc

Harry Bailey Hunt with mother Nancy Sykes Hunt 
Thompson, Nancy (I0083)
15 1860 Montgomery County Tennessee Census

62432ThomasCLARK 40 m w laborer25Tn
Eliza 35 f w Tn
Martha 12 f w Tn
Marshall10 m w Tn
Wilmer 8 m w Tn
James 6 m w Tn
Wm 4 m w Tn
John 4 m w Tn
M.RYE 15 f w Tn 
Clark, Thomas R. (I1541)
16 1860 Montgomery County Tennessee Census

70484A.WICKHAM50 m w laborer100Tn
Jane 24 f w Tn 
Parker, Alice (I1205)
17 1860 Montgomery County Tennessee, Census

55386W.J.JACKSON22 m w laborer 247Tn
Sarah 17 f w Tn 
Jackson, William James (I0064)
18 1860 Montgomery County Tennessee, Census

55387S.G.WICKHAM38 m w laborer125Tn
Tennessee30 f w Tn
E.WEAVER13 f w Tn

Living in household with older sister Delilah Tennessee Weaver who marries Samuel Goodson Wickham. 
Weaver, Elizabeth A. (I1212)
19 1860 Montgomery County, Tennessee Census

54382WileyRose35 m w farmer2500/480Tn 
Rose, Wormly (I1187)
20 1870 Source (S13969)
21 1870 Census

Page 29 of 19th District Corbandale, Montgomery Co. Tennessee

listed next door to sister Elizabeth Marsh Wickham.

147 - Puckett, William, 42 a farmer, listed that he can not read nor write., Nancy is listed as Keeping House and age 35, with children William 14, Eliza 11, Mary 9, Maggie 2, Ida 1. 
Marsh, Nancy (I0035)
22 1870 Census Montgomery Co. Tennessee

John Jackson married to Elizabeth. He is 34 and she is 30 Listed as a farmer and keeping house. Neither can read or write. The value of the real estate is 1200 and the personal property is 250.

Joseph Thomas is 10 and at home.

1860 Census Montgomery Co. Tennessee

45312JohnJACKSON25 m w farmer340Tn
Ann 23 f w Tn
Robt ROBERTSON7 m w Tn
Catherine3 f w Tn
James 1 m w Tn 
Jackson, John (I0011)
23 1880 Census Tennessee Montgomery County Dist. 19, Dist 144 - page 15
Living in the home of her son Joseph Lewis Lyle in the 1880 census.
She is 77 years old (born 1803)
Lists both of her parents are born in North Carolina.
Joseph Lewis Lyle lists his father being from South Carolina and Mother (Elizabeth - from Tennessee) 
Jackson, Elizabeth (I1830)
24 1900 Census Located in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Cumberland Heights, in the household of grandson (Henry Suiter) with his wife of 55 years (Sarah Jackson) she is listed as being born May and is 75 years old. John H. Jackson is 81 and is born in January.

1910 Census Located in Montgomery County, Tennessee, District 9 in the household of grandson (Henry Suiter). He is listed as being 90 years old. 
Jackson, Henry (I0540)
25 26 years, 0 months, 12 days at the time of his death Hunt, Luther (I0108)
26 83 years, 7 months, 6 days the day she died Crockett, Gatha Malinda (I0183)
27 A copy of the court records that appoints Jesse Sullivant as the Guardian for William Sullivant (his father). The signatures of the men on the document are Jesse Sullivant, William Sullivant Jr., James Crockett (son in law of Jesse Sullivant), William Peay, Thomas Smith, John S. Mosly, Simon Holmes. These men were bound by the court for the value of Mr. William Sullivant Sr.. value of property and assets. His trust was in the sum of Forty Thousand dollars. Little wonder that so many men had to be bound for the this value on January 26th of 1822. Sullivant, William Sr. (I0846)
28 Aaron Porter Wickham never married. Lived at the old home place off of Corbandale with three other unmarried siblings.  Wickham, Aaron Porter (I0221)
29 According to Ronnie Jackson the Belfield Jackson homeplace, currently owned by Jerry Jackson (2008) was originally the Daniel Joseph Procter homeplace. This is the site for the Belfield Jackson Cemetery. (per a conversation with Ronnie Jackson - 1/31/2008 jjs)

56395J.PROCTOR38 m w farmer600/340Va
Martha 33 f w Tn
James 11 m w Tn
John 9 m w Tn
Daniel 3 m w Tn 
Proctor, Daniel Joseph (I0215)
30 According to Tanner Wickham, William Wickham was kicked by a mule and died and is buried on the Jake Dunbar Place in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Aunt Bunny says that Jake Dunbar Place is close to Sailor Rest Church which is located close to the Montgomery County/Stewart County line down on Hwy. 149.
Wickham, William (I0331)
31 Affectionately known to all of her children and grandchildren as Mama Crockett. She was a quiet, demure, lady with little to say, especially nothing bad about anyone. She was very petite, coming in under 5 feet. She was born into a wealthy family but never seemed dismayed that her choice to marry a man below her economic stature kept them struggling for a livelihood, as she was wealthy in children and love, and shared her wealth of family with her childless siblings that lived on the Robert Anderson Wickham home place. She was a devoted Christian woman and was a key player in the forming of the Canaan Church under an oak tree. She had a beautiful alto voice as a young woman and enjoyed singing for the Church in a quartet. She was a good mother and wonderful homemaker and a devoted loving wife to Nolen Gus Crockett for over 50 years.

Nolen and Madge died exactly three weeks apart with Nolen dying in Memorial Hospital of a Cerebral hemmorage at 12:15 p.m. after a long illness, and Madge dying of parkinson disease at 8:30 p.m. in Palmyra at the Nursing Home. Family members believed she gave up life after her beloved Nolen had passed and could not survive without him. A virtuous woman until the end. They both are buried in the Palmyra Methodist Church Cemetery, in Palmyra, Tennessee next to their fourth Daughter, Neva Gale Crockett Rosson Turewicz.

Per Aunt Bunny, Mama Crockett could read and write and did these things often in helping Papa Crockett as he was not afforded a formal education due to be an orphan early in life.

At the time of her death she was 76 years, 11 months, 19 days old. 
Wickham, Madge Bridget (I0007)
32 After her mother dies (Elizabeth YARBROUGH Jackson) her mother's sister (Eliza Jane YARBROUGH Harris) and her husband (Isham HARRIS) adopt her and raise her. She is the daughter of John Jackson and Elizabeth Yarbrough. Jackson, Nettie Harris (I2012)
33 After the fall of Ft. Donelson Robert Lewis Wickham was appointed Military Jailer at the jail in Clarksville, where he served during the Occupation of the area.

Court was in session in Clarksville on Feb. 16, 1862, the day Ft. Donelson fell. Civilian Government ceased. The next entry in the book is dated Feb. 7, 1865: "This day Barry Lyle produced in open court from Sheriff J. C. Shackleford, Special Sheriff of Montgomery County, Tennessee his Certificate of Election----" His bond for $30,000 was signed by W. S. Poindexter, Saml. Woodridge, S.G. Wickham, and R. L. Wickham as his security. (The later would be Sameul Goodson Wickham and Robert Lewis Wickham). All of these men were prominent citizens of Montgomery County and Unionist. J. C. Shackleford was an attorney and Supreme Court Judge, and W. S. Poindexter was Cashier and founder of Franklin Bank in Clarksville. The fact that these men were active in civilian government suggests they were Unionist. This was the year of 1864 as paraphrased by Louis Wickham's comments in Frankie Daniel Sellas's book The Home Folk, page 12.

Also noted was the economic oppression of reconstruction and the financial ruins of fellow neighbors due to the burning of Palmyra and surrounding area in April of 1863. After the war the Wickhams returned to their land, house and buildings being as they started, more fortunate than most due to being Unionist. Regardless of the Civil War, wounds healed and Robert Lewis Wickham was well respected as were his children in the Palmyra Community.

In the Wickham Cemetary a Homemade Monument made by E. T. Wickham in memory of the R.L. Wickham Family

In Memory of the Ancestors
of the R.L. Wickham Family
Buried in Unknown Graves
and outside this Cemetery
Harvie Wickham came from
England tto America Oct. 1787
Buried John Nolen Cemetery
East Fork of Yellow Creek
Nathanial Wickham buried in
Missouri Wife Mary Thompson
Bill Marsh buried New Madrid
Missouri Wife Sally Spicer

1860 Census

Wickham, R.L. 30 (m), Elizabeth 19, John 5/12, Mary 70, MT - 47 - 462

R.L. and Elizabeth husband and wife. John their son.
Mary is R.L. mother wife of Nathaniel Wickham she was born in 1792.
She was born Mary Polly Thompson daugthter of Auguston Thompson (he was born in Belfast, Ireland)

1870 Census

19th Dist. page 29 of Montgomery County, Tennessee - Corbandale

Robert Wickham with Wife and children. Listed as Farmer and wife Keeping House. He is listed as a Citizen of the U.S. His value of Real Estate was $800.00 and Value of Personnal Property was $590.00. He states that all within the household was born in Tennessee.

Robert Wickham 42, male, white, Elizabeth 28, female, white, John W. 10 (farm hand and attends school) male, white, Robert A. 9, male, white, (attends school), Jesse H. 7, male, white, Sallie B. 4, female, white, Mary 2, female, white, Walter 6/12 (born in November) male, white.

Next door is listed William Puckett with wife Nancy. Nancy's maiden name is Marsh and is the sister of Elizabeth Marsh, Robert Lewis Wickham's wife.  
Wickham, Robert Lewis (I0034)
34 All notes per History of Hocking TWP. Fairfield Co., Ohio - Immigrated from Scotland to PA.

He was buried at Old City Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. He died in 1815 at Hocking Township, Fairfield County, Ohio (Traditional date of death) He ws reinterred in 1907 at Stonewall (Wilson) Cemetery, Hocking Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, when Old City Cemetery was relocated. 
Wilson, Nathaniel (I0891)
35 As children we knew our grandfather as Papa Crockett. He was quite tall even in his old age, towering over 6 feet. Quite a contrast to the petite wife that he chose in Madge Bridgette Wickham. He was looked upon as being a loving father but strict disciplinarian, understandably so, as he fathered six beautiful girls and only one son to help in the protection of family. He was blessed with children that adorned him and family that visited regularly up until his death. His fifth child, Martha Madge Crockett, devoted her life to his care and support as well as that of his beloved Madge. As a young father he had a quick wit and fun loving nature. He was married to Madge for over 50 years and died only three weeks prior to his lifelong mate. As in life, they shared everything, good and bad.

Per Aunt Bunny, (Martha Madge Crockett) my mother's sister, Papas mother and father died while Papa was a small child. He was 5 when his mother Malinda H. Carver Crockett died, and was 7 when his father William A. Crockett died. After the funeral a Mrs. Nolan Russell took Papa home from the Cemetery to live with her husband and their children. Papa also lived with his brother and his wife, J. William Crockett and Agnes Carver Crockett. Later on he went to live with Levy Bryant. This was during the time that he was working for the railroad. His parents are buried in unmarked graves within a Carver's Cemetery off of Highway 13. Aunt Bunny says you go to Oak Ridge Road till you get to Hwy. 13 and then you take a left and go down that road a good piece, and there is a large house and barn on the left and you go about a mile and the graveyard is up a field from that place.

Papa Crockett had a nickname for all of his children.

Audrey - UGG
Gatha - Bear
Virginia - Doodle
Neva - Neg
Martha Madge - Shoe Button, Dody, and finally BUNNY (everyone calls her by this to this day)
Jewell - Nunk ( Jewell used to say he was his mother"s little "Nunkey")
Joyce - Hootie

Per Aunt Bunny, Papa could not read or write because he was an orphan very early in live and did not have a great deal of formal education. (please see 1930 Census #17) He signed his papers with his mark which was witnessed and signed by an individual that could write.

He is also listed as being a farmer doing general farming and that he is currently employed. He is listed as not being a veteran and that both he and his wife speak English.

At the time of his death he was 81 years, 3 months, 6 days old.

Crockett, Nolen Gus (I0006)
36 As referenced in Frances Daniel Sellas' book The Home Folk, Samual Goodson and Delilah lived on Barton Creek in Montgomery County, on a 300-acre farm. They were childless but they did adopt Frances (Fannie) and Charlie Cunningham, whose father had been killed in the Civil War battle of Ft. Donelson. An older brother Ed retained the name Cunningham, but lived as a family member. Fannie married the son of Sam's brother Robert, Dr. John William Wickham.

1860 Montgomery County Tennessee, Census

55387S.G.WICKHAM38 m w laborer125Tn
Tennessee30 f w Tn
E.WEAVER13 f w Tn 
Wickham, Samuel Goodson (I0165)
37 At the death of Dr. John Thompson Wickham, Dr. John Wickham, his nephew accompanied the body home for burial, bringing with him a foster grandchild of the older Dr. John, Mattie McNabb. She lived in the younger doctor's home until she was grown, and married Ross Shelton. This is reference in Frankie Daniel Sellas' book on page six of The Home Folk.

1880 Census, Clay County, Arkansas, Page 456,
Wickham, John T. white male 65 years old married Physician born in Tennessee, Father born in Virginia, Mother born in North Carolina.
Wickham, Sarah A. white female 57 years old married keeping house born in Indiana, Father born in Tennessee, Mother born in South Carolina
Dickey, Isabella white female granddaughter 6 years old single at home born in Arkansas, blank where father was born, Mother born in Arkansas 
Wickham, Dr. John Thompson (I0160)
38 At the time of her death she was 73 years, 6 months, 19 days old. Crockett, Virginia Hope (I0182)
39 At the time of her death she was 92 years, 2 months, 27 days old.

The following document verifies J. T. Jackson (Buck) and Florence Kelly Jackson as husband and wife. Their four Children as

Hadley (He died 5 years prior to his mother's death)

That Hadley's wife is Ethel and that they had four children.


That J. T. Jackson and Florence are now dead and their property must be sold to pay Mrs. Florence Jackson's debts.

Montgomery County Archives
Clarksville, TN.
Loose Papers of the County Court
Box 106
B. Jackson VS S. Jackson, 1931

(Back of Document)
Buford Jackson et al
Disposition of
Mrs. Ethel Jackson 11/14/31
Sidney Jackson et al
filed Nov. 14, 2931
W. E. Crotzer, Clerk

page 1 of same document


THE DEPOSITION OF MRS. ETHEL JACKSON, Taken by consent on this the 14th day of November, 1931, before Lena Channell, a Notary Public in and for Montgomery County, Tennessee, at the office of Chas. V. Runyon in the Glen Building, in Clarksville, Tennessee, to be read as evidence upon a trial in this cuse. Present C. B. Lyle, solicitor for complainants, and Chas. V. Runyon, Guardian ad Litem. Exceptions reserved for competency and relevancy. It is further stipulated that the name of the witness may be signed by stenographer taking the deposition. All parties reserve the right ot recall the deponent for futher examination.

MRS. ETHEL JACKSON, Being duly sworn, deposed as follows:


Q. Your are Mrs. Ethel Jackson?
A. Yes.
Q. Who was your husband?
A. Hadley Jackson.
Q. Who were his father and mother?
A. Buck Jackson and Mrs. Florence Jackson.
Q. Was Mrs. Florence Jackson the owner of the property described in the original bill in the suit of Buford Jackson, et al. vs. Sidney Jackson, et al.?
A. Yes.
Q. When did she die?
A. She died last June.
Q. Do you know whether she owed any debts at the time of her death?
A. No,she didn't owe nbone by the doctor's bill, was all she owed,m just doctor's bill.
Q. Have the funeral expenses been paid?
A. No. She owed the funeral and doctor's bills. I think it is $132.00, to the best I can remember, is what is against it.
Q. Did she leave a will?
A. No.
Q. Do you know how she got title to this property?
A. Well, I just can't answer that. I don't know. It was let by her husband, thorugh, I guess.
Q. Who are her heirs?
A. Well, her children are her heirs, aren't they?
Q. Yes.
A. Buford Jackson and Venie Evans and Winnie Reeves and Hadley Jackson, my husband.
Q. She had four children?
A. Yes.
Q. And those you named are her four children?
A. Yes.
Q. Buford Jackson is still living?
A. Yes.
Q. And Winnie Reeves is her daugther and she is still living?
A. Yes.
Q. And Venie Evans is her daughter and she is still living?
A. Yes.
Q. And her fourth child was Hadley Jackson, who was your husband?
A. Yes.
Q. When did he die?
A. He died about 5 years ago, something like that.
Q. How many children have you, Mrs. Jackson?
A. Four.
Q. They are all Hadley Jackson's childen?
A. Yes.
Q. You have never been married but the one time?
A. No.
Q. And what are the names of your children, and their ages?
A. Sidney Jackson, age 14, Ernest Jackson is the next one and he will be 11 his birthday. Just give his age what he is now?
Q. Yes.
A. He is 10. Earl Jackson, he is 8, and Omie here is just 6. (this would imply that Omie is in his mother's lap during the deposition)
Q. These four chidlren live with you?
A. Yes.
Q., Where are you living now?
A. I am workijng at Mr. Sam Broome's.
Q. In what district?
A. In the 19th district of this county?
Q. Do you believe this is about as good a time as another to sell this property that Mrs. Florence Jackson owned?
A. Yes. I think it is just as good a time just to let it go.
Q. Would it be practical to divide that property up among the heirs?
A. I don't think it would, because of the water, it is all at one end, and the buildings are all at one end, and I don't think they could divide it satisfactorialy. There ain't enough to divide among four, it is not big enough for that, and none ain't able to pay the debts.
Q. None of the children would be able to pay the debts, even if it oculd be divided?
A. No, that's the trouble, And
Q. And anyway, because of the way the property is situated in regard to the water and buildings, it wouldn't be practical to divide it?
A. No, I don't think it would.
Q. So you think the best thing to do is to go ahead and sell and pay the debts and what is left beyond that, to divide it out?
A. Yes.
Q. You understand that your children together will be entitled to one-fourth of what is left after payment of the debts and expenses?
A. Yes.
Q. And you know from conditions that won't be very much?
A. Yes, I know it can't be.
Cross examination waived.

Mrs. Ethel Jackson (signature by Stenographer)
By Frances Lewis(signature of Stenographer)
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this November 14, 1931.

Lena Channell (signature)
Notary Public

Hunt, Ethel (I0005)
40 At the time of his death he was 66 years, 10 months, 14 days old.

He had black hair and hazel green eyes. 
Jackson, Ernest Steward (I0001)
41 Bible published by Hogan & Thompson, 30 North 4th St., Philadelphia, 1839, original bible in possession of Mr. Cecil D. Jones, Nashville, Tennessee.

The book identified above is written by Gladys P. Anderson and Jill K. Garrett 
Source (S69523)
42 Birth date established by Census of 1850-1860 (Her name listed in the Census records as Susan) Suiter, Rhoda Susan (I1623)
43 Box's Station - Postmaster Moses M. Box Effective Date March 1, 1877, name changed to Box, November 29, 1882.
Denver - (Name changed from Box)
John W. Gould October 1, 1906
Andrew C. Stitt May 22, 1908
Virgil A. Rushing April 28, 1914
Lorenzo L. Parnell March 24, 1922
Robert N. McCauley October 16, 1928
Bertha Goodwin March 15, 1930
Emma Corbitt August 19, 1930
John W. Diehl January 30, 1973
Lydia Corbett May 25,, 1973 
Box, Moses M. (I1963)
44 Buried at the Jake Dunbar homeplace Wickham, John (I0330)
45 Buried in Cadillac Memorial Gardens, w. in Westland, Michigan.

Per Geneva Sugg Swain's information gathered for the application to the DAR. Geneva Kathlyn Sugg, Applicant to National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, was accepted by the Society and given National No. 590394. Installed as a member fo Colonel Joshua Howard Chapter, NSDAR on the 10th Oct. 1974.

Her information is as follows:

Arthur Cooley Sugg served as a private in Battery D, 330 Field Artillery, 85th Division, U.S. Army Serial number 2041899 American Exepditionary Forces. He was given an honorable discharge on 3 December 1918 and sailed back to the U.S. from Le Harve, France, on the Mauritannia.

Arthur Cooley Sugg worked for 37 years as a machine repairman at Ford Motor Company in Highland Park, Michigan, and later at the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan. He was a Methodist, and his avocations were gardening and reading. 
Sugg, Authur Cooley (I2506)
46 Buried in the Davenport Cemetery, Shiloh, Montgomery County, TN.

He was a carpenter and a cabinet maker. One of the houses he built, was the Outlaw house at Corbandale. He was very religious and would not allow anyone in the family to slice bread, saying "The Lord always broke bread". (Geneva Sugg Swain information submitted to the DAR) 
Sugg, Green Berry (I0753)
47 Buried in the Fletcher Cemetery, Palmyra, Montgomery County, TN. Never married. Sugg, Herman Talmadge (I2820)
48 Buried in the Fletcher Cemetery, Shiloh, Montgomery County, TN. Broome, Martha Ann (I2502)
49 Buried in the Myers Cemetery, Palmyra, Montgomery County, TN. Sugg, Arminta Victoria (I2818)
50 Buried in the old section of Myers Cemetery, Palmyra, Montgomery County, TN. Birdwell, Margaret Johanna (I0752)

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